Leçon inaugurale - Chaire Alfred Grosser - Paris

"Cultural Heritage – and the discussion of its Canonization in the Humanities, Sciences and Society"

Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria SENG
University of Paderborn, Allemagne
Professeur invitée de la Chaire Alfred GROSSER à Sciences Po 2009/2010

Starting with the decision of the UNO in 1972 and the ratification of the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 1976, the presentation exposes and discusses the emergence of the world heritage list of the UNESCO, which includes by now 890 properties in total, consisting of 689 cultural, 176 natural and 25 mixed properties in 148 countries. In the course of time, the list changed and was expanded from individual monuments to intricate cultural landscapes, from historical objects to modern, almost contemporary evidences. Different contexts can be distinguished in this process : 1. a national art historical frame, which must not necessarily be confirmed by the international list, 2. a supra-national context, which operates beyond eurocentric criteria and works toward the establishment of a canon that reflects global identities, 3. the role of the social actors involved in the process of nomination, and who are not identical with representatives of academic sciences, 4. the reassessment of regional and particular fields of interests in connection with the worldwide network of the art and cultural industry.

In what sense does the world heritage list of the UNESCO construct or displace the art historical and cultural canon ? Furthermore, one can analyse the reception behaviour of the public and detect the interdependency of preferences and directed perception. Finally, it has to be questioned how far the sciences are integrated within this mainly political process of nomination, and if they are, where, and how.

Lieu : Sciences Po Paris
56, rue des Saints Pères,
75006 Paris

Mardi 9 mars 2010, de 18 à 20h

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